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1.40 Best way to get professional pest control done on a townhouse to get rid of ants?

Q. I live in a multi-level townhouse. I've had a pest control company come out and all they did was spray the baseboards in all the rooms. The ants returned in less than a month. This question has to do with pest control technique, not how to hire a pest control professional.

A. In my experience, you can spray and spray all you want, but, eventually, the ants will be back. Not always, but most of the time. And the pest control companies LOVE this, because it means they get to come back too! If you REALLY want to solve the problem, you must find the source of the ants. Once you find the source, which will be their nest, you must eradicate the source. There are several pesticides on the market that will handle this. Yes, this can take some effort, and is time consuming, but it really is the best way to solve your ant problem. Can you find a pest control company that will do this? Probably, but it will cost you, one, because of the time involved, and two, because it cuts into their business to eliminate the problem. As I implied earlier, if they eliminate the problem, there's no reason for them to come back, which means less money for them.

1.20 How long before you become a licensed pest control technician?

Q. What are requirements for recieving a liscense in pest control? How much time do you have to have in field and what requirements are needed as far as job tasks?

A. Pest control operators are liscened by the state. Each state has its own requierments. Georgia requires 2 years in each catogory and you must pass a very hard entomology test. In florida you must have 3 years in pest control with the most recent year in the state. Florida also has a test which is not quite as hard as the Georgia test but has a lot of questions covering the laws of the industry. I only know this because I hold a license in both states

1.20 Ticking noise from vents while furnace is off?

Q. I've had rats which after 2 months of pest control they should be history. I've sealed everything off around my mobile home completely. Now, I hear this ticking sound by the vents in the floor and the furnace is always off. I keep my home on the cool side-only use it in the morning for a few minutes. I am paranoid about rats and thought they might be in the duct/vents.Terrible damage done from rats. I had a duct/vent cleaning company come out-they say they get all mice, birds and rats etc. from the ducts. However, I still hear the noise-seems to be in the morning from about 9 to 10am and at night between 8 and 10pm. I had a contractor go under the mobile home and tie everything up and secure the vents with sheet metal and screws to prevent any movement. Then the noise got worse:loud, thump, tick-tick and bang. I don't know if my water lines go along the ducts/vent lines and could cause this noise? I am not using water at these times,either. My water heater is on the other side of the mobile home-10ft away in a straight line from the bathroom/bedroom wall. The vents on either side of this wall is where I hear the noise. All the water faucets, shower etc are on the opposite side of the house from the water heater. Could the water lines from the water heater (12 yr old water heater) cause this noise running close to the vents? I've done everything I know to do. These sounds have occurred during the past 3 months-since the rat thing. Any suggestions? anyone? please help.

A. I am a person who hears every little noise and must catalog what it is before I can stop concentrating on it. However I still am vary aware of each and every noise that takes place around me. What you are describing in my mind is expansion and contraction of the trailer and heating duct. This is amplified by the barren metal walls with in. Seeing that it got worse when they where secured that it most surely is the case because now not only does the metal have to struggle more in its secure fastening it has to deal with the expansion of the trailer. If the noise gets to where it is irritating you try laying out a heavy peace of cut carpet along the bottom of the duct to collect some of the noise. When I had a rat or mouse problem in another home I used plastic bags to alert me of their presence. I would hear a distinct rustling of the bags.

1.20 Rats or hot water heater noises? puzzled.?

Q. In a mobile home, I hear clicking, ticking noises by the bathroom and bedroom vents-they are adjacent to each other. I had a bad problem with rats-pest control came out for 2 months-caught 2. They had chewed up water lines and the over flow pressure tube from the hot water heater. I had the ducts/vents cleaned out by professionals, in case, some mice were making the noise I still hear by the vents-usually at 9 to 10am and 8-9pm at nite or so. I still hear the tick, tick noise. I had a contractor go under the mobile home and secure the vents with sheet metal and tighten pipes and anything that might rattle-down-now, the noise is even louder-thud, bang and tick, tick. The hot water heater is in a straight line about 10ft on the other side of the mobile home from the bathroom/bedroom. What could be causing this noise? could it be the hot water heater? The water faucets/shower are on the opposite side of the house from the hot water heater-its 12 yrs old,now and I have very hard water. Would a plumber be the one to call? Please help me. I've sealed all around my mobile home against rodents, plugged all holes and pulled all insulation out, secured everything-still here that noise. I still hear the noise about 10ft from where the hot water heater,near the bathroom/bedroom vents. Either its 'evil spirits', or....hot water heater making noises in the water lines? I've spent thousands trying to get back to 'normal'-from the rat damage etc. and I don't want to replace the hot water heater if I don't have to-but, I will-just to get some peace-if that's what the noise is coming from. Help! I've had a very bad time. What do you think it might be, please?

A. It sounds like the expansion and contraction of the pipes and heating duct surfaces. You really need to relax. I live in an old house and it makes all kinds of noises. Try putting on the tv or a mellow radio station or a fan as white noise and don't worry about the normal noises of living.If you see a rodent then that is one thing but don't freak about stuff that's not that big of a deal. Relax.

1.20 What is the correct treatment for a carpenter ant problem?

Q. We noticed that we have carpenter ants in a wood beam of our home on the outside. We were hoping that this would be resolved with one pest control application, but Orkin wants to set up a quarterly application plan, which entails a lot more money. What is the typical application procedure, and do we really need the "quarterly plan?" I appreciate your input in advance.

A. Your pest control company is correct on many levels regarding a quarterly plan. First, there are no products that last indefinitely, they are actually designed to break down fairly rapidly in the environment. So once the current application have dissipated, there will be no active product left to stop them from coming back. Second, carpenter ants communicate through the use of pheromones. So ants will be drawn in again following the pheromones. Carpenter ants can forage for food up to 300 feet from their nest and can have numerous sub colonies. As far as do it yourself treatments go, you can absolutely treat pest problems by yourself but they do require certain steps. You must make a positive identification of the pest involved and then learn everything you can about them from reputable sources. When it comes to carpenter ants you need to know that the queen does not exit the nest to forage for food. So you can spray all you want, killing only workers. It will look like you killed them all but if the queen survives so does the colony and you will be re-infested. The other person that answered saying to use bait is on the right track there but I always recommend first following them to try to find their nest and then making a direct application with a dust type product. Always read and follow all label directions as the label is the law. Visit www.pestech.com for more information or www.pestechshop.com for products.

1.20 What are the similarities and differences between carpenter ants and termites?

Q. Do carpenter ants ever come out from behind walls? do they eat anything else besides wood?

A. Found out the hard way. Carpenter ants & termites cause considerable damage to wood. Termites nest & live in the wood they are eating. Carpenter ants nest outside the home & do not generally invade occupied spaces ( at least where you can see them). Would occaisonaly see one or 2 ants where they were coming in. Never saw termites running around , except when they have their wings but, saw some & the damage they were doing during some renovation. Pest control guy told me to pick them up w/ some clear tape so he could identify them & gave me what I needed since a professional whole house de- bugging would be $$$s . My home is block built so the infestation was limited. The garage was another story. The big black carpenter ants had nested in some firewood & had a ball on door framing. The little white grubby termites are harder to deal with. Had success ( I think) by dusting door threshholds w/ a powder I got from the pest control store & getting rid of the rotten firewood.. Best regards

1.20 Economy; i don't understand,some help please?

Q. If the economy is so bad, then why does everybody i know, including myself, doing so much better than we were four years ago? we are all in service industry businesses as either small business owners, employees or self-employed sub-contractors. (carpet cleaning, pest control,landscaping, phone sales, trucking etc.etc.) ....people are buying our services! i don't know a single person who's finances have not improved in these last few years. i went from renting an apartment at 500 a month to renting a house at 1000 a month. now i'm getting ready to buy a house and will be able to afford something in the 120 range. 4 years ago i couldn't have dreamt this.

A. I'm not sure what your business is, but my economics Professor actually just discussed this topic a couple of days ago. Although some business are failing, other businesses are thriving on the failed business' customers. And perhaps your business offers a service or goods that are always needed, and therefore you won't be affected unless we went into a depression.

1.20 How can i be a crime-scene cleaner?

Q. Im 18 & would be interested in being a cleaner that deals with bio-hazards, e.g pest control, crime scene's, Hypodermic needle collection . I know it's gross but i think it would be interesting & i hear these kind of cleaners get paid alot! How can i get trained, do you have to have experience as a cleaner or can anyone do it? What happens after i am trained & get a licence to deal with bio-hazards, do i have to be employed by a cleaning company? (im from the UK)

A. You'd be better asking your local police who they employ for this kind of service Can't imagine it being a full time job though, as many murders happen out of the home and therefore little clean up is required compared to crime scenes indoors

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